Marlin 2.0 Custom for the Ender 3

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Marlin 2.0 Custom for the Ender 3

Marlin 2.0 Custom for the Ender 3


  • Steps, Maximum federates, Jerk, Home offset of the original firmware
  • Maximum acceleration 800, acceleration 600,
  • PID for hot end and heating bed
  • PID presetting for hot end 200°C and heating bed 60°C
  • Menu Point for moving the nozzle between the bed corners to manual bed levelling
  • With EEPROM functions
  • Menu in German or English
  • Separate homing for X, Y, Z
  • Pressure counter, for displaying the current statistics with M78
  • Buffer size increased to 32/16
  • Longer status message Scrolling
  • M73′ G-Code to set the current percentage e.g. via Octoprint (Plugin)
  • Babystepping for Z
  • power loss recovery
  • Print area X 235, Y 235, Z 250



  • To install the firmware, a boot loader must be installed on your board.
  • Installation via Octoprint + Plugin Firmware Updater
  • Ender3_Marlin2_DE.hex or Ender3_Marlin2_EN.hex in the plugin and click on Flash.


  • Windows 10, Set Temp folder to C:\Temp, otherwise there are error messages when compiling
  • Download Marlin 2.0 from the Official Website
  • Config into the Marlin folder and overwrite the existing ones
  • Compiling and installing

After the installation a eeprom reset must be carried out, directly on the printer or via a terminal with the following G codes.

M502 ; reset!
M500 ; saved!!

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