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Standard Ender3 firmware  


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21/03/2020 3:36 pm  

Hi all, first post so bare with me. My wife has an Ender3 for a while now and not long after she got it the MicroSD card would not stay in, contacted Creality and they sent me a new board (offered to replace the whole thing) an easy job to swap over or so I thought.

I left it far to long before tackling it and have come across an issue - it has no firmware installed, rather than contact them again as it has been a while i would like to flash it and return it to normal (she has been using USB) SD card use, where can I get the original firmware from and is it difficult to do ? 


Thanks in advance, Rob.


Ender 3
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29/03/2020 8:36 pm  

Ho Rob sorry for the late reply, I have not had alot of time for the forum of late

If you have not already you could look at the guide we have for flashing a boot loader and then flash the creality stock firmware


How to install a boot loader



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30/03/2020 6:23 pm  

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02/04/2020 3:17 pm  

@ender-3 Thanks for your reply and appreciate your time to answer, I have attempted the Bootloader multiple times without success as well as numerous other difference ways discovered online to no avail, the board was supplied in warranty due to the Micro SD failing to lock in and as my wife was comfortable using USB I collected the equipment to do this but left it for a later date.

When that day came with a Hot End upgrade it would not function correctly at all and can only assume it has a different model preloaded as some of the functions work but so slowly, I took the plunge and ordered a new board and hope it should be a simple swap now I have it over the next day or so, wish me luck 🙂


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25/04/2020 9:00 pm  

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