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Help with print quality  


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15/07/2019 10:55 am  
Good morning,
I am new to group and to 3D printing and Im seeking for some help please with printing one of your projects.
I have two friends who are really into football, I wanted to give them a bit of a gift, so I got your file from thingiverse. Its a UEFA trophy.

I had a successful print and one of them was very happy about it. A couple of days later I wanted to print the same file for the second guy, but in that instance half of the print came out nice, the other half looks terrible. Like some layers are just so messy.
I cannot figure out what happened. Please see the pictures of the perfect half and of the messed up one.
The printer is and ender 3, CR-10
The setting in Cura are:
Infill: 10%
No support
Skirt adhesion
0.15mm resolution 
The bed is levelled perfectly, and I cannot figure out why could I print it perfectly for the first time and since than I had 5 messed up prints, where half looks immaculate, and half is so rough.
Can you please help me, what could have gone wrong?
Thank you,

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Ender 3
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15/07/2019 8:54 pm  

Considering the fact the first print came out well and the same gcode has been used i presume this could be hardware related.


I would personally check the extrusion amount to make sure you do not have a blocked nozzle and or a slipping drive gear. It would also be worth checking the tension on the x and y belts is high enough as well as making sure the z access isn't binding!

If you are able to print a simple text cube this will not take to long or use up to much material but will give us a good idea as to what the issue as the cube itself is uniform in shape and easier to spot the cause of the problem


Here is a test cube you will need to slice it using the same settings you used before! Simple 20mm Test Cube

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