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28/12/2019 10:56 pm  


just bought an ender 3 pro, assembled it made a first 3d printed model on the card of the dog everything worked great. I have installed cura for slicing, but when I have installed a model in cura it shows in the centre of the bed. I have sliced it and saved it but when I go to print it prints the test line up and down the table, but when it goes to print the model it taking the home position as the centre of the table. is there something I need to set. the version of cura I have downloaded is 4.4.1  please help me

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09/02/2020 3:12 pm  

I had this problem too as a new owner a week ago. I sorted it by going to 'Machine' at the top left of the screen then, 'Machine settings'' in the drop down. This should open up a dialog box. Look for 'printer head size' on the right of the box. 

At 'Head size towards max' I put in -20 for both x & y coordinates & this seemed to cure it to a greater extent. I'm not sure if it is totally central now but I put in -50 on the x and it still seemed to print in the same area but at least it looks to print pretty muvh in the centre.

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